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North by Northwest - Eliot Grasso and Dave Cory


North by Northwest - Eliot Grasso and Dave Cory

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Grasso,Eliot& David Cory - North By North West
\r\nNorth by NorthWest
\r\nbanjo player/guitarist, Dave Cory
\r\nuilleann piper/flute player, Eliot Grasso.
1. Reels: Billy McComiskey's/Dan Breen's/The Beauty Spot\r\n
2. Jigs: The Fly in the Porter/Gan Ainm\r\n
3. Reels: The Nine Points of Roguery/Famous Ballmote\r\n
4. Reels: The Blackberry Blossom/Slate Hill\r\n
5. Jigs: The Purse Rusted Shut/The Green Lady/Morgan Andersen's \r\n
6. Reels: The Musical Priest/Farrell O'Gara\r\n
7. Set Dance & Reel: Rodney's Glory/The Watchmaker\r\n
8. Reels: Up Against The Buachalawns/The Old Pinch of Snuff\r\n
9. Air & Set Dance: The Fallen Bridge/The Princess Royal\r\n
10. Hornpipes: The Come Hither Stare/Poll Ha'Penny\r\n
11. Jigs: The Thrupenny Bit/The Bowels of the Earth/The Falls of the\r\n
12. Reels: Smith O'Couster/The Jolly Tinker/Farewell to Ireland\r\n\r\n

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