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Evening Comes Early - John Doyle

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Doyle, John
\r\nEvening Comes Early - John Doyle
\r\nSHCD- 78045
1. North Sea Holes \r\n
2. Blue Diamond Mines \r\n
3. Crowley's/Johnny D's (Reels) \r\n
4. Pretty Saro \r\n
5. Willie Riley \r\n
6. Early In The Spring \r\n
7. The Hungry Rock/The Sleuce Gate/Evening Comes Early (Reels) \r\n
8. Crooked Jack \r\n
9. The Dark Slender Boy \r\n
10. My Parents Reared Me Tenderly \r\n
11. The Wheels Of The World \r\n
12. Young Tom Ennis/The Besom In Bloom/The Cuigiu Lasses (Jigs) \r\n
13. Sovay \r\n
14. The Morning Dew And The Morning Star (Reels)

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