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Raven - John Williams & Dean Magraw

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Williams,John & Dean Magraw - Raven
\r\nCD Compass[4423]\r\n

Concertina virtuoso and Solas founding member John Williams joins \r\nforces with guitar master Dean Magraw on Raven, their first release \r\nas a duo. The collection showcases their talent for interpreting traditional \r\ntunes as well as their gift for composition, and also features \r\nclassic pieces from La Bottine Souriante, Frankie Gavin and Solas. \r\n
Track Listing: \r\n\r\n
1. Twin's Dance Party / Sylvia's & Mikey's Reels \r\n
2. Road to Wexford \r\n
3. Awakening \r\n
4. The Gypsy Queen \r\n
5. Perdition Piano Duet \r\n
6. Southwest Wind & The Wheels Of The World \r\n
7. Trippin� In Eden & The Mason's Men \r\n
8. Lianna \r\n
9. Kilnamona \r\n
10. Le Nuit Sauvage & Alice's Reel \r\n
11. Raven \r\n
12. Tana \r\n
13. Paddy \r\n
14. Youenn\r\n \r\n

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