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The Curlews-Cliff Moses


The Curlews-Cliff Moses

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Cliff Moses, Cliff-The Curlews
\r\nIrish traditional music on hammered dulcimer
\r\nand concertina with guest Irish musicians
Josephine Keegan, Seamus Connolly, and Tony Smith & Friends\r\n
CD 2005 Cliff Moses\r\n
1. The Curlews (reel)\r\n
2. Connaughtman's Rambles/Pipe on the Hob/Banks of Lough Gowna (jig\r\n
3. The Happy Man/Palmer Gate/Glountane Schoool - 1862 (reels)\r\n
4. If Ever You Were Mine (air)\r\n
5. Maud Millar/Bird in the Bush/Sligo Maid (reels)\r\n
6. Paddy Fahy's/Love at the Endings/Maudabawn Chapel (reels)\r\n
7. The Curlew Hills/Peach Blossoms (barndances)\r\n
8. The Famine Suite (march/HP/air/Jig/reel)\r\n
9. Maid Behind the Bar/Cooley's Reel (reels)\r\n
10. Hunting the Curlews/Hag in the Churn/The Curlews Cry (jigs)\r\n
11. Christmas Eve/Fred Finn's/The Noisy Curlew (reels)\r\n
12. Cooley's Hornpipe/Sligo Fancy (Hornpipes)\r\n
13. Forget Me Not/Fergal O'Gadhra/Musical Priest (reels)\r\n
14. Blind Mary/Squire Parsons (Carolan)\r\n
15. Lark in the Morning/Tripping Up the Stairs/Rose in the Heather (\r\n
16. Tarbolton/Longford Collector/Sailor's Bonnet (reels)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

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