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Masters of the Irish Guitar-Various


Masters of the Irish Guitar-Various

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Various-Masters of the Irish Guitar
\r\nCD SH78064 2006
1. Arty McGlynn - Jigs: The Humors of Kilclogher / Strop the Razor \r\n
2. Randal Bays - Air: Ny Kirree Fo Sniaghtey (The Sheep Under the Snow) \r\n
3. Donal Clancy - Reels: Jackie Fitzpatrick's / The Boy in the Boat \r\n
4. Donogh Hennessy - Hornpipe: Home by the Fire \r\n
5. Dennis Cahill - Jig and Reel: The Pipe on the Hob / The Collier's Reel \r\n
6. Garry O Briain - Mrs. Waller \r\n
7. John Doyle - Reels: The Gooseberry Bush / The Sailor's Return \r\n
8. Seamie O'Dowd - Set Dance and Jig: Rub the Bag / The Old Grey Goose \r\n
9. Daithi Sproule - Slow Waltz: Lisa's Brook \r\n
10. Randal Bays - Slip Jigs: The Mother's Day / Elizabeth Kelly's Delight \r\n
11. Arty McGlynn - Air: De Bharr Na Gcnoc (Over the Hills) \r\n
12. John Doyle - Reels: The New Post Office / Coen's Memories / The Atlantic Wave \r\n
13. Donal Clancy - Miss McDermott (The Princess Royal) \r\n
14. Donogh Hennessy - Reels: Farewell to Tim Collins / Poor But Happy at 53 \r\n
15. Garry O'Briain - Air: On Abbey Hill \r\n
16. Seamie O'Dowd - The Northern Hills \r\n\r\n

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