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Seven Streams - Turloughmore Ceili Band


Seven Streams - Turloughmore Ceili Band

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Turloughmore Ceili Band-Seven Streams
CD \r\n
1. A Nation Once Again, Clann na h�ireann (Marches)\r\n \r\n
2. Lady Anne Montgomery, Maud Miller, Molloy's Favourite (Reels)\r\n \r\n
3. The Derry Hornpipe\r\n \r\n
4. The Green Gates, Master McDermott's, Sheehan's, St. Anne's (Reels)\r\n \r\n
5. Pearl O'Shaughnessy's Barndances\r\n \r\n
6. Lark in the Morning, The Lilting Fisherman (Jigs)\r\n \r\n
7. Miss McLeod's, The Silver Spear, The Sally Gardens (Reels)\r\n \r\n
8. Seamus Cooley's, The Hole in the Hedge (Jigs)\r\n \r\n
9. The Rights Of Man, The Galway, The Rights Of Man (Hornpipes)\r\n \r\n
10. The Copperplates, The Mountain Road (Reels)\r\n \r\n
11. The Banshee, The Connaughtman's Rambles, The Battering Ram (Jigs)\r\n \r\n
12. Reel of Bogie, Geoghan's Reels\r\n \r\n
13. Uncle Gerry's March Live\r\n \r\n
14. Jim Mulqueeney's Hornpipe Live\r\n \r\n
15. Dublin Reel, The Bird in the Bush (Reels) Live\r\n
\r\n \r\n \r\n The Seven Streams

The source of the Seven Streams is a natural \r\nfeature at the base of the cliff south-east of \r\nCahercommaun. The source is at its most \r\nattractive during wet weather. There is a cist \r\nnearby. Lon the Smith, Lon Mac Lointha was a \r\nlegendary hero who had his abode on Sliabh na \r\nGlaise. He was the first to make edged weapons in \r\nIreland and was of the Tuath de Danann and lived \r\nin a cave. He had a wonderful cow which he had \r\nstolen in Spain before he fled for safety to the \r\nBurren Hills. The black and white cow was known \r\nas Glas Gaibhneach. It was said of her that she \r\nwould fill any vessel with milk. To settle a wager \r\nshe was milked into a sieve. The milk passing \r\nthrough the bottom of the sieve fell to the ground \r\nwhere it divided into seven rivulets called Seacht \r\nSrotha na Taescaigh, the Seven Streams of the \r\nOverflowing.\r\n \r\n

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