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Celtic Guitar Dreams - Iris Nevins


Celtic Guitar Dreams - Iris Nevins

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Nevins, Iris-Celtic Guitar Dreams
1. Linda Hickman Birthday Jig\r\n
2. Anderson's Dream\r\n
3. The Derry Air (Danny Boy)\r\n
4. The Kilfenora Jig\r\n
5. Laura's Tune\r\n
6. Planxty Irwin\r\n
7. Lord Inchiquin\r\n
8. Planxty Julia Iris Babajian\r\n
9. O'Carolan's Welcome\r\n
10. Lorien\r\n
11. Juniper's Jig\r\n
12. Planxty Hewlett\r\n
13. Rights Of Man\r\n
14. Doug Barr's Birthday Tune\r\n
15. Tamlin\r\n
16. Blast Of Wind\r\n

Iris Nevins has played extensively in the NY/NJ area since the 1970's. She was the guitar accompanist for Irish fiddle legends Andy McGann and Johnny Cronin, and also Joe Accordion Burke and Joe Banjo Burke in the late 70's-early 80's Friday and Saturday nights at Tom O'Reilly's Pub in NYC and other occasional gigs. She was also at the same time a member of the group "The Crooked Road", house band at the O'Reilly's Pub on West 31st ST. in NYC. After a long leave of absence from the pub and session scene, though never giving up playing and focusing on fingerstyle guitar, she is back, and is currently hosting the seisun at The Mountain Brook Inn in Stillwater, NJ with Linda Hickman, and also co hosts with a revolving melody player, the monthly seisun at the Irish American Association Of Northwest Jersey. Iris is a fingerstyle guitarist, and plays backup but also composes tunes for the guitar and plays a selection of O'Carolan Harp tunes transposed for guitar. Iris is part of the trio Hearts Content \r\n( with Linda Hickman on flute and Tom Dunne on accordion and fiddle. She also plays often with singer, Liam Hart under the name Flowing Tide. \r\n\r\n

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