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England's Vietnam:Irish Songs of Resistance


England's Vietnam:Irish Songs of Resistance

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Men of No Property-England's Vietnam: Irish Songs of Resistance\r\n
1. Falls Road Taximan, The4:17Barney McIlvogue\r\n
2. Internee, The2:50Barney McIlvogue \r\n
3. England's Vietnam2:56Barney McIlvogue \r\n
4. Tuten Carson's Tomb2:20Barney McIlvogue\r\n
5. Freedom Fighter, The2:42Barney McIlvogue\r\n
6. Paddy Reilly2:22Barney McIlvogue\r\n
7. Leaving of Belfast, The4:08Barney McIlvogue\r\n
8. Crossmaglen3:04Barney McIlvogue\r\n
9. Jesus and Jesse2:31Barney McIlvogue\r\n
10. Twomey's Escape1:57Barney McIlvogue\r\n
11. Princess Anne2:42Barney McIlvogue\r\n
12. Multi-Storey, The2:00Barney McIlvogue\r\n
13. Island Men, The2:44Barney McIlvogue\r\n
14. Bloody Sunday5:01Barney McIlvogue\r\n

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