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Harp to Heart - Kathleen Loughnane


Harp to Heart - Kathleen Loughnane

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Loughnane, Kathleen - Harp To Heart

Kathleen Loughnane is one of the few harpers who \r\napproach traditional music with an insider's knowledge. \r\nShe has already proved this on two exquisite albums. On \r\nthis one she draws on the Bunting collection of 1792, \r\nand includes also some music as she has received it from \r\nthe aural tradition. There is also an adaptation of a \r\nsonata by Corelli, who was admired by Carolan. \r\nIt displays admirably her feel for the music and she is \r\nassisted ably by Alec Finn, Cormac Cannon, and Martin \r\nHughes.
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