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Shake The Blossom Early - Helen Roche


Shake The Blossom Early - Helen Roche

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Roche, Helen
\r\nShake The Blossom Early-
\r\nLove songs from the Irish Tradition

\r\n\r\nHelen Roche - Shake the Blossom Early is a collection of \r\nlove songs from the Irish tradition, many of them from \r\nthe north of Ireland, including songs from Paddy Tunney, \r\nGeordie Hanna, Joe Holmes and others. \r\n\r\nTracks:
\r\n1. Green Grows the Laurel
\r\n2. The Dark Eyed Gypsy
\r\n3. Lovely Annie
\r\n4. As I Roved Out
\r\n5. The Irish Maid
\r\n6. The Wee Weaver
\r\n7. Dobbin's Flowery Vale
\r\n8. The Lisburn Lass
\r\n9. The Draighean Donn
\r\n10. When A Man's In Love
\r\n11. I Wish My Love
\r\n12. The Verdant Braes of Skreen
\r\n13. Willie O\r\n

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