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SEX, SCA & SEDITION - The New Ballads

$ 20.00

Sex, Sca & Sedition, new ballads from a selection of Cork writers and singers, produced by Jimmy Crowley, is now available. CD $20 17 songs Fintan Vallely: " While sex, scandal and sedition as well as heroic fall-out in the sporting songs commandeer the themes, finer flavouring is also provided by the snide comments of the active audience, by the odd door being slammed at the CAT Club or the odd pint being pulled at Top O'Coom. This record is a reminder that song is still unavoidably, and terrifically, of place, happenings and of people. And in its finest moments its lyrics are as empoweringly l'esprit d'escalier as the lines of our finest comedians and dramatists."

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