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Lake of Learning-Tim O'Shea & friends

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"Lake of Learning" from Tim O'Shea and Friends features 4 reed instruments - uilleann pipes, accordion, concertina and clarinet. This instrument combination brings unique tone and colour to this CD. There are 4 songs and 8 sets of tunes. There are two of Tim's own compositions, one tune and one song "The Lake of Learning", inspired by the myths and legends of the Lower Lake of Killarney where Tim lives. With a couple of Sliabh Luachra slides and polkas (dance music of Ireland's south west), slow airs, reels and songs this CD is sure to offer something for everyone. Musicians: Tim O'Shea (Guitar, vocals, bodhrán & bones) Barry Magee (Concertina) Gerald Culhane (Accordion) Matt Bashford (Uilleann pipes, low whistle & clarinet) Paddy Jones (Fiddle) Track Listing: 1) The cat jumped into the mouse's hole / Going to the well for water (Slides) 2) Lake of Learning (Song) 3) Humours of Lisheen / The mouse in the cupboard / Drisheen rambler (Jigs) 4) Kelly's cow / Top of Maol / O'Connors (Polkas) 5) Reconciliation (Song) 6) Cronin's (Hornpipe) 7) Birdsong / The butcher's march (Jigs) 8) Freedom is like gold (Song) 9) Feartha famine (Song) 10) Mr. O'Connor (O'Carolan) 11) The new customs house / Sailor's cravat / Small hills of Offaly (Reels) 12) Willie Taylor / Roll in the barrel (Song / Slow reel) Tim is from Killarney in the south west of Ireland. He has been working solo, and in several bands since the late 1980's. Tim's repertoire draws from the dance music of his native Sliabh Luachra and West Kerry folk traditions and the singing of Irish and Scottish performers like Jimmy McCarthy, Paul Brady, Dick Gaughan and Andy M. Stewart. Tim has toured the USA, Australia, New Zealand, & Europe. Since 1992 Tim has annually toured Germany with CIAR, GREEN LANE, and BRICÍN. They played many Irish music festivals, and supported super folk band ALTAN twice and Dolores Keane (ex De Dannan), Sharon Shannon, De Dannan, Marie Breathnach (ex-Riverdance), Karan Casey (ex-Solas) Dervish and Lunasa. In 1995 Tim guested on the second CD of Monks of the Screw (Sliabh Luachra traditional music group). In April 1999 Tim produced, arranged and featured on his first independent CD, "Fair Dawning - Tim O'Shea & Friends". Tim played with "The Spirit of Ireland", & "To Dance on the Moon " Irish music and dance shows at the newly opened National Events Centre in Killarney (Gleneagle Hotel), Ireland for the summer of 2000, 2001 & 2002. Tim has made several television & radio appearances at home & abroad. In 2004, he is completing his second studio CD with tours of the USA, Germany, Holland & Northern Ireland. The launch of the new studio CD 'Lake of Learning' took place at the Gathering festival on Feb 29th 2004. The CD features four reed instruments uilleann pipes, accordion concertina and clarinet. Tim has two compositions, a song and an instrumental on this new CD and together with dance music from Sliabh Luachra and Co. Clare in the south west of Ireland this new Cd is the best one. So if its songs or tunes or solos you like there is something here for you. In the words of one reviewer, 'it's real music as it should be played - real music by real musicians' Irish Examiner 13/05/04.

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