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The Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox by Grey Larsen

$ 30.00
The Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox
\r\nBook/CD set
\r\nby Grey Larsen \r\n\r\nProduct Number Format ISBN Price (US$) \r\n \r\n99129BCD Book/CD Set 0786668911 MelBay $30.00\r\n\r\nAll the tools the beginner, novice, and intermediate \r\ntin whistle player needs in order to progress to a high \r\nlevel of competence in Irish music. Includes an \r\n"Orientation to Traditional Irish Music", which puts the \r\nmusic in context, with information on scales and modes, \r\ndance tune types, the historical roots of whistle playing,\r\nand advice for learning by ear. The book is full of \r\nthorough instruction, exercises, and musical examples: \r\nfrom holding, fingering, breathing, and blowing, on up \r\nto advanced ornamentation, phrasing, and variations. \r\nFeatures a simple and penetrating new approach to \r\nunderstanding and notating ornamentation that goes \r\nbeyond any previous method. Also includes history and \r\ntheory of traditional Irish tin whistle music. For those \r\nwho don't read music, almost all the exercises and \r\nexamples appear on the companion CD.\r\n \r\nBeginning-Intermediate 192 Perfect 8.75 x 11.75 \r\n

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