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The Essential Guide to Irish Flute & Tin Whistle

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Larsen, Grey\r\nThe Essential Guide to Irish Flute & Tin Whistle
\r\nBY GREY LARSEN.MelBay 98214 BCD

This is the most comprehensive book yet \r\nwritten on Irish flute or tin whistle playing.Much if its\r\ninformation has not been explored in print before.It may\r\nbe used as a thorough and sysematic reference book.\r\nHowever the materials of later chapters is,to a great \r\nextent,built upon the foundation laid in earlier ones,so\r\nit is wise to progress through the book sequentially.\r\nEight sections of devlopment.\r\n

This book/2-cd set is for....the beginner to the highly\r\nadvanced player of:Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, \r\nBoehm-System Flute, Piccolo, Fife.

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