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Selkie - Mick Conneely


Selkie - Mick Conneely

$ 20.00
MICK CONNEELY Irish Fiddle Music from Kathleen's brother\r\n

\r\nConneely..surely has the spirit of the music embedded in his soul�.Finesse and ferocious talent in full flight.\r\n- The Ticket, Irish Times \r\n

\r\nAn album of robust, atmospheric and exciting fiddle music of outstanding quality.\r\n- Living Tradition\r\n

\r\nThis is Mick Conneely's first solo album, containing a wonderful collection of music. Mick was born in Bedford, England, to Irish parents. His father, Mick M�r Conneely � a renowned fiddler, had a profound impact on him in terms of the development of his own personal style. This is an album of excellent traditional music played in a very unique, personal style.\r\n

\r\nTrack Listing\r\nJenny's Wedding ("The Old Bush, Scotch Mary") (5.16)
\r\nCailleach An Airgid ("The Cat In The Corner, The Looharadhawn's Jig") (4.37)
\r\nThe Road To Cashel (Salthill Prom) (3.12)
\r\nThe Providence ("The Eel In The Sink, The Culfada") (5.35)
\r\nA Roll Of The Dice (A Fig For A Kiss) (3.39)
\r\nThe Showman's Fancy (Flee As A Bird) (4.22)
\r\nDinny O' Brien's ("Farewell To Connacht, The Gravel Walks") (5.45)
\r\nFarewell To Jim (That's More Of It) (3.08)
\r\nThe Jug Of Punch ("Sergeant Early's Dream, Paddy Fahy's Reel, Mullingar Races") (5.11)
\r\nMcGlinchey's ("McFadden's Handsome Daughter, I Have No Money") (4.29)
\r\nThe Humours Of Bandon (Planxty Maggie Brown) (4.40)
\r\nThe Glen Of Aherlow ("Ril Bhearra, The Green Fields Of Glentown") (6.04)
\r\nThe Bird In The Bush (The Longford Tinker) (3.50)

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