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This Day 20 Years - Brian Hughes


This Day 20 Years - Brian Hughes

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This Day Twenty Years - Brian Hughes has recorded with the very best, and the most highly musicians in Irish traditional music on all of his recordings, and to this day his entire recording catalogue sounds as young, fresh and as vibrant as the day it was released. 'This Day 20 Years' captures some of the very finest tracks recorded by one of the true masters of traditional Irish music, and it will surely go down as one of the finest whistle records ever produced

  1. The Ships Are Sailing/Ambrose Moloney's/The New Mown Meadows
  2. Paidiin O'Raifearta/The Sliabh Russell
  3. I Could, But I Won't
  4. The Fly By Night/The Tailor's Twist
  5. The Roscommon Reel/Ah Surely
  6. Bruach Na Carraige Bainne
  7. The Piper's Waltz/The Table Top Tumble
  8. The Maids of Ardagh/Tuamore/Many's A Wild Night
  9. The Sound of Survival
  10. Happy To Meet/Billy McCormack's/Troy's Wedding
  11. Grainne's Fancy/Alexander's HP
  12. A Freind's Farewell
  13. Touhy's/The Man of Aran
  14. The Bicycle/Johnny O'Leary's/The Dirty Trettles
  15. Fair Gentle Eily O'Carroll
  16. Callaghan's Polka/Bill The Weavers/The Rambling Sailor
  17. Caher Rua/Dan Breen's/Now She's Purring
  18. Haley's Jig/Eddie Kelly's/The Scotsman Over The Border
  19. Caherciveen
  20. The Flag of The Adventurer

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