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SPREAGTHA - Edel Vaughan


SPREAGTHA - Edel Vaughan

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Edel Vaughan is releasing her debut album  called 'Spreagtha'. This is Edel's first solo Cd, but she is well established in her field of music and song. Having won many All-Ireland titles, and has toured extensively with many dance shows. Edel is currently touring with the renowned Kilfenora Céilí Band and is fresh off the stages of the Cork Opera House, NCH Dublin and INEC Killarney.


'Spreagtha' consists of twelve songs ranging from 'The Mountains of Pomeroy' to a song writtrn by singer/songwriter Declan O'Rourke called 'The Children of '16'.

This album highlights the creativity and sensitivity which sets Edel apart.


Song list:

1. The Children of '16

2. A Chomaraigh Aoibhinn Ó

3. Fire In The Glen

4. Willie And Mary

5. The Kings Shilling

6. A Miners Life

7. Eleanor Plunkett

8. Mandela

9. Rigs of Rye

10. Hallowell

11. The Mountains of Pomeroy

12. Mailí San Seoirse



1. Edel Vaughan (main vocal)

2. Conal Early ( accoustic/electric guitars, piano/keyboards, backing vocals, bouzouki

3. David Vaughan ( backing vocals)

4. Seamus Brett ( piano)

5. Fergal Scahill (viola, fiddle)

6. Garry Shannon ( low whistle)

7. Joe Csibi (bass)

8. Tim Collins ( concertina)

9. Denis Liddy ( fiddle)

10 Alan Doherty ( flute, whistle/low whistle, percussion)

11. Garry O' Meara ( Mandolin)


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