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RIP THE BELLOWS - Seagda Coyle


RIP THE BELLOWS - Seagda Coyle

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“ "Rip the Bellows” is a portrait of a young player with a strong vision for how he feels the music should sound.  What’s nice about Coyle’s playing is the keen sense of ornamentation and variation he adds to a careful sense of phrasing.  You hear it on the hard groove of “Master Crowley’s / …,” the album’s opening set of reels, which sets a solid tone for how the album unfolds.  “The Clare Shout / …” (jigs) and “Minnie Fosters / …” (hornpipes) follow and are delivered with similarly strong ability.  Other standout tracks include the jigs “Joe Liddy’s / …,” the jig “Paideen O’Rafferty’s,” and the reels “Boys Of Ballisodare / ….”  

In addition to the jigs, reels, and hornpipes, Coyle includes one track each of hop jigs, polkas, and barn dances, all of which are lovely.  However, two of the album’s finest tracks – both of which are tunes Coyle composed – are the waltzes.  “The Crippled Musician” was written some years back as he was recuperating from a minor surgery.  “Condon’s Roses” was written in tribute to a family friend.  Both have catchy, crowd-pleasing melodies and I can say from personal experience that they always seem to turn heads and get people dancing.  (Of the two, “Condon’s Roses” is my slight preference – both are great, though!)

Coyle is joined here by some terrific compatriots.  Cherish the Ladies’s K.T. Boyle plays piano on several tracks and complements Coyle’s playing greatly.  (Check out the lift she brings to “Master Crowley’s / …, ” where her harmonies and rhythm add fabulous lift.)  The tracks that include guitar backing feature John Walsh, who has several of his own high-quality solo albums to his credit, has worked with musicians including Paddy Keenan, Mike Rafferty, Frankie Gavin, David Power and others, and who recorded and mixed the album at his Noreside Studio.  He provides some well-heeled backing.  Perhaps the least known musician of the bunch is bodhrán player Steve Wickins.  Wickins would be well known locally and is an excellent percussionist.  The rhythmic touch he provides here is tastefully delivered and fits quite well with how Coyle plays."       Dan Neely

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