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NOT BEFORE TIME - Paraic Mac Donnchadha


NOT BEFORE TIME - Paraic Mac Donnchadha

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Not Before Time... 39 Years in the Making' (Thar Am) - Páraic Mac Donnchadha

The variety of music, instruments, rhythms and tunes (over 70 mins) beautifully presented in a stunning, integrated 36-page hardback booklet design, combine to deliver a hugely satisfying "listening experience”.

Páraic Mac Donnchadha has played tenor banjo for almost forty years and now shares his wealth of experience, insight and musical pedigree on his breakthrough album 'Not Before Time... 39 Years in the Making' (Thar Am).

Truly legendary icons of Irish traditional music such as Paddy Carty, Paddy Fahey, Conor Tully and Paddy Kelly, Paddy Canny, Pa Joe Hayes and more have all played a significant role in shaping Páraic’s sense of rhythm and ‘East Galway’ style preference and he feels that the time has come to formally share with others the musical insight and wisdom that he himself was fortunate enough to inherit.

Known more as a Session player than as a Stage performer, Páraic's easy-going style along with his driving rhythm, in the classic East Galway style, creates a distinctive impact.   

with Claire Egan (Fiddle/Viola), Graham Guerin (accordion), Cormac Begley (Concertinas), Páraic’s brother Mac Dara Mac Donncha (Uilleann pipes), Terence O’Reilly (Guitar), Macdara Ó Faoláin (Bouzouki), Noel O’Grady (Bouzouki), Colm Murphy (Bodhrán), Libby McCrohan (Bouzouki).


1.Reel of Rio, McFadden's, Pigtown, Coleman's Cross 04:44

2.Paddy Kelly's, Tommy Coen's 02:45

3.Glen of Aherlow, Killarney Boys of Pleasure 02:45

4.Galway reel, John Dwyer's, John Brennan's 04:28

5.The Galtee, The Meadow, Johnny McIljohn's 04:19

6.Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, Brendan McMahon's 03:28

7.Mick O'Connor's, George White's 02:43

8.Pigeon on the Gate, First Day of Spring 04:00

9.Carriage na Siúire* 04:03 sung by Páraic’s Dad Sean

10.Sliabh an Óir, Ard Aoibhinn 04:01

11.Paddy Fahey's, Paddy Kelly's 03:59

12.The Dingle Reel, Matt Peoples', Jackie Coleman's 05:08

13.Paddy Mills', Paddy Mills' Fancy, Martin Ansboro's 03:50

14.Ms McGuinness, Kitty Gone a Milking, Gilbert Clancy's 04:03

15.The Girl Who Broke my Heart, Touch Me if you Dare 03:54

16.Molly Maguire's, Sporting Paddy, The Tempest, The Green Mountain 06:51

17.The Wild Swans at Coole, Paddy Fahey's No. 1 02:43 18.

18.Mary McMahon's, Farrel O'Gara, Green Groves of Erin 05:05


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