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Come West - Joe Season and Jack Healy


Come West - Joe Season and Jack Healy

$ 18.00

Joe Season and Jack Healy met 13 years ago in Miltown Malbay, when they played at a session together in Clancy's bar. There friendship remained and their understanding on Trad music is rooted in the belief that the power music has to enrich people's lives.

This is a rich and stimulating recording (Come West) which can be felt in the drive and feel which comes to the fore throughout.



1. The Ashplant /Captain Kelly's

2. The Bowlegged Tailor / Tumble the Tinker

3. Richard Dwyer's / Paddy Kelly's

4. The Blue Eyed Rascal

5. Dear Irish Boy

6. Dwyer's / Castle Kelly's

7. Margaret's Waltz

8. Redemption Song

9. Ger Quigley's / King of the Clan's

10. The Castle Jig / The Swaggering Slip Jig / The Boys of Ballysadare

11. The Moving Cloud

12. The Bucks of Oranmore / Come West Along The Road

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