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Rooska Hill - E. O'Riordan & Tony O'Connell


Rooska Hill - E. O'Riordan & Tony O'Connell

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O'Riordan, Eamonn & Tony O'Connell
ROOSKA HILL - Eamonn O'Riordan & Tony O'Connell


Tony has been dormant in the recording sense since his collaboration with Ben Lennon in 2008 and his 2005 duet with Andy Morrow so great to see him throwing himself in at the deep end with his fellow west Limerick music friend, Eamonn.

Tony comes from Glin in west Limerick but has moved to live in Brosna , Co. Kerry, the home of his mother. He is a self-taught concertina player and is a multiple All Ireland winner from under 15,18 and senior.

Eamonn comes from Athea in west Limerick and also has four All-Ireland titles to his name so their pedigree is second to none 

1.The Leitrim Thrush / Edenderry Reel / Gan Ainm (Reels)
2.Fitzgerald's / The Few Bob (Hornpipes)
3.Jackson's Rum Punch / The Drake's Lad (Jigs)
4.Aine's Reel / Gan Ainm / The Clare Reel (Reels)
5.The Star Above the Garter / The Lisheen Slide (Slides)
6.Around the Fairy Fort / The New Broom Sweeps Clean (Barndances)
7.Padraig O'Keeffe's / The Eel in the Sink / The Peeler's Pocket (Reels)
8.Fasten the Leg on Her / The Goat in the Green / The Stick Across the Hob (Jigs)
9.Kitty Hayes' / Kingstown Hornpipe / The First Sign of Light (Hornpipes)
10.The Flower of the Flock / The Maids of Hollywell (Reels)
11.Charming Lovely Nancy / Turn Hill / Flanagan's (West Limerick Flings)
12.John Joe Hartnett's (West Limerick Slides)

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