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The Good Mixer - N.O'Grady, H.Benagh, J.Carty & M.Hernon


The Good Mixer - N.O'Grady, H.Benagh, J.Carty & M.Hernon

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Carty, John
The Good Mixer - Noel O'Grady, Henry Benagh, John Carty & Marcus Hernon

Noel, Henry, John & Marcus played regularly together at a session on Saturday nights at a pub called 'The Good Mixer' in Camden town, London during the late 1980s. By 1989 conditions in Ireland had improved considerably and everyone had their sights firmly set on moving, so The Good Mixer sessions finally drew to a close. 

Just before the exodus began the band got together for the last time at John Carty's house and recorded as much as would fit into an afternoon (with Bernadette McCarthy providing piano on some tracks). The recording has lain more or less forgotten since that time, but John was recently asked about it and was surprised at how fresh it still sounded. 

The sound is lively and tight and is simply the product of a group of musicians who played regularly one night a week for the love of it. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed playing it.

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