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Buan - Danu


Buan - Danu

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Buan - Danu

Danu are back on sparkling form with their new album called Buan. With members from County Waterford, Kerry, Dublin and Donegal they have for over a decade been one of Ireland's leading groups and this new release will win them many new fans. 
The four years since the release of their last album Seanchas has seen all the members involved in a variety of different musical projects and that according to Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh has led to a more mature sound on this recording.
Danu is a traditional Irish band that was founded in 1995. Now established as one of Ireland's most important ensembles, Danu have gathered many awards and critical acclaim. 


1 - Slides, Reels: Kerry to Donegal Set [05:21]
2 - Beir Mo Dh�thracht [04:46]
3 - Jigs: Brown-Eyed Bridget [04:22]
4 - Lord Gregory [05:21
5 - Willie Crotty [05:33]
6 - Reels: Chicago Set [03:52]
7 - Waltz, March: Caisle�n Rathan�in Set [06:55]
8 - Muiris�n Deas Set [03:54]
9 - Passage West [04:30]
10 - Reels: Broken Pledge Set [05:39]
11 - The Willow Tree [04:00]

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