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The Friendly Visit - Paul O'Shaughnessy


The Friendly Visit - Paul O'Shaughnessy

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O'Shaughnessy, Paul
The Friendly Visit - Paul O'Shaughnessy

An Ceili

14 tracks featuring Garry O Briain, Eoin O'Neill and Pearl and Kate O'Shaughnessy

1.Ryan's Rant/ \r\nThe Blackhaired Lass/ Farewell To Leitrim 
2.Maire Na Blaiche/Condon's Frolics/ Happy To Meet Sorry To Part 
3.The Cuckoo's Nest/ \The Friendly Visit \
4.Casey's Pig/ \r\nGan Ainm/ Jimmy Lyons
5.Lord Galway's Lamentation
6.Banrion Na Bealtaine/ Bean An Ti Ar Lar/ The Wild Irishman 
7.Walter Sammon's Grandmother/ John Kelly's Slow 
8.The Swedish/ The Irish Washerwoman /The Frost Is All Over 
9.Tommy Peoples/ The Kilcar 
10.Black Mare Of Fanad/ The Spirits Of Wine 
11.Brian Luby's/ John Egan's/ The Girl With The Blue Dress On 
12.Frank Cassidy's/ Polly Put The Kettle On/ A Stor A Stor A Ghra 
13.Beag An Baint Duilisc/ The Lark On The Strand
14.Gorman's/ The Pretty Girls Of The Village

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