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The Sugar Loaf - Kevin Madden


The Sugar Loaf - Kevin Madden

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Kevin Madden, Kevin
\r\nThe Sugar Loaf - Kevin Madden
\r\n\r\nThe Sugar Loaf is the debut recording by Manchester fiddler Kevin Madden. As an All-Ireland senior fiddle champion from 1996, he was influenced by early recordings of Kathleen Collins, Liz Carroll, Tommy Maguire, Finbarr Dwyer, Joe Cooley and others and their imprint on his own style and approach is evident. Trac Connect reviews "The fast and the furious has been jettisoned for a measured and intuitive style of fiddling that concentrates on the clarity of the melody with a driving rhythm that pushes the music along. Like those early recording he strikes a perfect balance of sound with the piano accompaniment of Gerry Conlon. Never a dual, always a dance, they match perfectly the mood of the music and simply stroll their way through some great sets."\r\n
\r\nCheck out this fine review: \r\n\r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\nKevin Madden : Fiddle, Viola, button Accordion\r\n
\r\nGerry Conlon : piano, piano accordion\r\n
\r\nBernie Roberts : concertina\r\n
\r\nJohn Joe Kelly : bodhr�n\r\n
\r\nMike McGoldrick : flute\r\n
\r\nNoely Ryan : guitar\r\n
\r\nTim Edey : guitar\r\n
\r\nPat O'Reilly : bouzouki. \r\n\r\n
\r\nArtwork : Karen Tweed assisted by Mark Hickman and Freda Heeboll\r\n
\r\nDesign : Joe Pieczenko\r\n
\r\nRecording : Mike McGoldrick\r\n
\r\n1. Reels: Love At the Endings / The Fairy Reel / The Humours of Tulla \r\n
\r\n \r\n 2. Slip Jigs: Arra Mountains / Fr. Burkes \r\n
\r\n \r\n 3. Hornpipes: Derek's Favourite / The Smell of the Bog \r\n
\r\n \r\n 4. Jigs: Inis Bearachain Jig / So I'm Off With the Good St Nicholas' Boat \r\n
\r\n \r\n 5. Polkas: Ned Kellys 109 / The Upperchurch / The Return of Spring \r\n
\r\n \r\n 6. Reels: Major Harrison's Fedora / Black Pat's \r\n
\r\n \r\n 7. Jigs: The Lark in the Strand / Rosemary Lane / The Boys of the Town \r\n
\r\n \r\n 8. Waltzes: Tim O'Leary's / The New Years Waltz \r\n
\r\n \r\n 9. Hornpipes: The Broken Bridge / The High Level \r\n
\r\n \r\n 10. Set Dances: Humours of Bandon / Three Sea Captains \r\n
\r\n \r\n 11. Slow Air: Sliabh Na Mbhan \r\n
\r\n \r\n 12. Reel: The Morning Thrush \r\n
\r\n \r\n 13. Reels: Jim O'Donoghue's / The Sligo Duke / Molly Bawn \r\n \r\n

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