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The Friel Sisters - Friel Sisters


The Friel Sisters - Friel Sisters

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Friel Sisters - The Friel Sisters

Anna, Sheila and Clare Friel are young traditional musicians born in Glasgow with their family roots firmly entrenched in the Donegal Gaeltacht (Derrynamansher). Being siblings, they achieve a close blend on fiddle, flute and uilleann pipes interspersed with songs sang in unison, many from their family and local repertoire. They have performed in various venues and festivals across Europe, America and Asia and have appeared as guests on stage with acts such as Altan, The Chieftains, Cherish the Ladies, Solas and Fidil. Summer 2013 has seen the girls record their debut album in their home in Donegal with guest musicians Gearoid Mooney, Seamus O'Kane and Griogair Labhruidh. 

1. Jigs: Helvic Head / I Buried My Wife & Danced On Top of Her / Frahers (feat. Gearoid O Maonaigh & Seamus O'Kane) n 3:24 
2. Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles / Billy Brocker's / The Congress Reel (feat. Gearoid O Maonaigh) \r\n 3:30 
 3. Song: Tίr Chonaill 3:42 
 4. Marches: Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine / Battle of Aughrim (feat. Gearoid O Maonaigh)  3:20 
 5. Jigs: Humours of Ballyloughlin / Rakes of Clonmel / Kilkenny Jig (feat. Gearoid O Maonaigh & Seamus O'Kane)  4:36 
6. Song: The Blue Hills of Antrim (feat.GriogairLabhruidh)4:53  7.Reels: Bunker Hill / The Holy Land / The Pinch of Snuff 3:44 
 8. Song: 18 Years Old (feat. Gearoid  O Maonaigh)  4:14 
 9. Waltzes: Miss Kenny's / Eddie O'Gara's  3:49 
10. Reels: The Noone Lasses / Big John's Reel / Kitty the Hare (feat. Seamus O'Kane)  3:44 
11. Song: Nί Fheicfear Nίos Mό Thύ a Mhuirnίn  3:52 
12. Reels: Jenny's Welcome to Charlie / The Star of Munster3:33 
 13. Jigs: Contentment Is Wealth / Liam O'Connor's / Winnie Hayes (feat. Gearoid O Maonaigh & Seamus O'Kane)  3:46  14. Song: When My Love and I Parted  3:58                             15. Highland / Reels: The Rosses Highland / The Jolly Tinker / Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh / Flowers of Red Hill (feat. Gearoid O Maonaigh & Seamus O'Kane) 4:32 

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