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Seana Choirce - Brendan Begley


Seana Choirce - Brendan Begley

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Begley, Brendan
Seana Choirce - Brendan Begley

button accordion & vocals

Breanndan is the youngest of the talented O Beagloich family from Baile na bPoc on the Dingle Peninsula. The re-issue of his debut solo album features the polkas and slides which are very popular as dance music in the area. Breanndan also gives masterly renditions of slow airs on the accordian, thanks to interpretations derived from his beautiful singing.

1. I'll Puck You With My Horn o, Gan ainm, Gan ainm - Slides
2. An Gallope, I Have A Donkey, He Wouldn't Go - Polkas
3. The Gypsy Princess - Hornpipe
4. Cois Laoi na Sreabh - Slow Air
5. The Heater Breeze, The Pure Drop - Reels
6. Johnny Leary's 1, Jack Ryan's, Johnny Leary's 2 - Polkas\r\n7. Gan ainm, Gan ainm, The Labyrinth - Slides
8. Beauty Deas an Oileain - Slow Air
9. Padraig O Caoimh, Dalai, Julia Clifford - Polkas
10.Frisco's, Walshe's - Hornpipes
11.Patsy Baker, Johnny Ghabha, Downey - Polkas
12.Caoineadh Ui Dhomhnaill - Slow Air
13.Port Mhoss Martin, Sios Chun na Tra - Jigs
14.Poirt Phadraig Ui Chaoimh - Jigs
15.The Kerry Hills - Slow Air\

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