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Open the Door for Three - Realta


Open the Door for Three - Realta

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\r\nOpen the Door for Three - Realta
\r\nConor Lamb, Deirdre Galway and Aaron O'Hagan \r\n

\r\nThese musicians possess a unique musical kinship in which they bring traditional tunes and songs to life. Conor and Aaron grew up learning and playing together and their similar piping styles enhance and complement each other. \r\n\r\n
\r\nWith over a dozen reeds resonating in unison, the rare blend of two uilleann pipes gives R�alta a full and distinctive sound. Deirdre's rich musical heritage gives her a free range of techniques and styles to inspire her arrangement of songs and accompaniment.\r\n\r\n
\r\n 1. Open the Door for Three (Slip Jig) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 2. Girl of the House / Tom Busby's / the Bashful Maid / the Flitch of Bacon (Jigs) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 3. Patsy Touhey's / the Exile's Jig / the Yellow Stocking (Reel, Slip Jigs) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 4. Siobh�n N� Dhuibhir (Song) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 5. The Red Haired Hag / Miss Munroe's / Do You Want Anymore? (Jigs) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 6. Martin Wynne's No. 3 / the Crosses of Annagh / My Love and I in the Garden (Reels) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 7. Gathering Mushrooms (Song) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 8. Jimmy's Return / John Brennan's / Trip to Cullenstown (Reels) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 9. Tuamgraney Castle / the Rathcroghan Reel (March, Reel) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 10. Sliabh Geal Gcua (Air) \r\n \r\n
\r\n 11. An Trucail�n Donn (Song) \r\n \r\n
\r\n12. The Galtee / the Black Haired Lass / the Stoney Steps (Reels) \r\n\r\n
\r\n 13. La Volta / Drops of Brandy (Renaissance Dance, Slip Jig) \r\n\r\n

\r\nReared on a staple diet of The Bothy Band, Planxty and other such classics, this Belfast based band captures the timeless aspects of the tradition and gently infuses them with elements from other musical genre.\r\nPerforming on dual uilleann pipes, whistles, guitar, bouzouki and bodhr�n this multiinstrumentalist group present an enchanting programme of dance music interspersed with the occasional air and song. \r\nA youthful curiosity is evident in the musical arrangement and is paired with a strict attention to detail in its execution.\r\n\r\n
\r\nConor Lamb and Aaron O'Hagan pursue the melody on uilleann pipes and whistles while Deirdre Galway explores the harmony and rhythms within the tunes through a dynamic accompaniment on guitar and bouzouki. With over a dozen reeds resonating in unison, the rare blend of two uilleann pipes gives R�alta a full and distinctive sound. This core trio is often joined for live performances by Micky McCluskey on bouzouki. The musical rapport between these musicians makes for an exciting performance.\r\n\r\n
\r\nBetween them, they have played with a variety of established bands such as Craobh Rua. Concerts include The Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Washington), Festival Interceltico Accidente (Asturias), Tok Trad Festival (France) and Moniaive Folk\r\nFestival (Scotland). Now, having toured in Germany and Switzerland alongside Altan in 2011 and won the prestigious 'Danny Kyle Award' at Celtic Connections 2012, R�alta have firmly established themselves on the Irish music scene. Additional highlights for the band include headline performances at the Noordfolk Festival (Netherlands) and the Northern Meeting Piping Festival (Scotland).\r\n\r\n

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