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The Coming of Spring - Kathleen Conneely


The Coming of Spring - Kathleen Conneely

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Conneely - Kathleen
\r\nThe Coming Of Spring � Kathleen Conneely
\r\nTraditional Irish Music on the Tin Whistle

\r\n 1. Bonnie Ann/West Clare Railway/Paddy Fahey's (Reels) 3:36 \r\n
\r\n 2. Dermot Grogan's/Billy McCormick's/Down the Back Lane (Jigs) 3:28 \r\n
\r\n 3. The Gneevgullia Reel/the Cloone Reel/Larry's Favourite (Reels) 4:39 \r\n
\r\n 4. Joe Derrane's/Tom Billy's Favourite/the Ivory Bowl (Jigs) 3:29 \r\n
\r\n 5. Imelda Roland's/Master Crowley's/the Limestone Rock (Reels) 3:20 \r\n
\r\n 6. The Maid in the Meadow/the Lark On the Strand/the Hag With the Money (Jigs) 3:36 \r\n
\r\n 7. Humours of Tullycrine/Cronin's (Hornpipes) 3:08 \r\n
\r\n 8. The Primrose Vale/the Lark Inthe Morning (#1) (Jigs) 3:47 \r\n
\r\n 9. The Old Torn Petticoat/Thady Casey's Fancy/the Ballina Lasses (Reels) 3:20 \r\n
\r\n 10. Hardiman the Fiddler/the Humours of Derrycrossane/the Arra Mountains (Slip Jigs) 3:40 \r\n
\r\n11. The Boy On the Hilltop/Coen's Memories/the Hare's Paw (Reels) 3:10 \r\n
\r\n 12. The Banks of Lough Gowna/the Coming of Spring/the Whislter At the Wake (Jigs) 4:00 \r\n
\r\n 13. Micho Russell's/Paddy Kelly's/Paddy Kelly's (Reels) 3:36 \r\n
\r\n14. Rosemary Lane/My Brother Tom/Hinchy's Delight/the Lark in the Morning (#2) (Jigs) 5:25 \r\n

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