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Chapter Eight - Kilfenora Ceili Band


Chapter Eight - Kilfenora Ceili Band

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Kilfenora Ceili Band
\r\nChapter Eight - The Kilfenora Ceili Band
\r\n\r\nfeaturing Don Stiffe

The ten-piece band features three fiddles (Anne Rynne, Pat Lynch and Annemarie McCormack), two flutes (Anthony Quigney and Garry Shannon), two sqeezeboxes Tim Collins and his wife, Claire Griffin), banjo and leader (John Lynch), drums (Sean Griffin) and piano (Fintan McMahon).\r\n\r\n

The current lineup has been together by and large for 17 years under the leadership of John Lynch. With the previous generation advancing in age, the band was going through something of a hiatus in the early 90s and then John emerged. He proved quite conservative to begin with and they confined their activity to rehearsal and competition. However they took on some gigs and the bug took hold. They couldn�t believe it when they were being invited to Britain, France, America and elsewhere but within a few years, they were taking it in their stride. They often play for dancers but in recent years have moved further towards concert performances and this has proved successful. Their forte is instrumental music with some harmony and a driving rhythm. They also have profitably collaborated with vocalists and invariably include a singer or two in concert. \r\n\r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\n1 The Banner County \r\n
\r\n2 Glastonbury Glamour \r\n
\r\n3 Galway Bay \r\n
\r\n4 Craic in the Capital \r\n
\r\n5 Echoes of the School House \r\n
\r\n6 Under Siege in Ennis \r\n
\r\n7 Milwaukee Fest \r\n
\r\n8 Return to London Town \r\n
\r\n9 The Birmingham Connection \r\n
\r\n10 Come by the Hills \r\n
\r\n11 French Encore \r\n
\r\n12 Quadrilling in Cork \r\n
\r\n13 Belfast Bound \r\n
\r\n14 Transatlantic Tunes \r\n

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