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At Home - Gerry Harrington


At Home - Gerry Harrington

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Harrington, Gerry
At Home - Gerry Harrington

That borderless musical region known as Sliabh Luachra basks in this finely honed tribute from south Kerry fiddler Gerry Harrington. The bare-naked bow is all that matters in this forensically researched and lovingly documented collection, in which Harrington lets the fiddle breathe deep of the music beloved of the great Padraig O'Keeffe, Julia Clifford and Denis Murphy. 

Here, the big tunes of the Rushy Glen rise up to their full height, safe in the hands of a musician whose attention to detail is remarkably cerebral and visceral at the same time. The sheer sweep of the soloist buoys this exceptional collection throughout its generous 68 minutes, with Harrington its anchor, inhabiting each tune set as if his bow hand was tethered to it since birth. Harrington's greatest gift is his willingness to let the tunes themselves do the talking.


1. Jig: Gallagher's 4:30 
2. Hornpipes: Lad O'Byrnes/Saults Own/The New Century 4:45 

3. Slides: Timmy O'Connor's Slides 4:39 

 4. Air: The Old Man Rocking the Cradle 8:05

 5. Reels: The Lady's of Leinster/The Contradiction 3:25 

6. Jigs: Out of the Mist/The Bells of Lismore/The Furze In Bloom 4:30 
7. The Upperchurch Polkas 2:53 
8. Flings/Mike Sullivan's/Tom Billy's 4:32 

9. Jigs: The Coolea Jig/Tell Her I Am/A Tailor I Am 4:23 
10. Reels: A Letter From Home/All In the Bag/Paddy Cronins 3:30 
11. Air: The Banks of the Danube 4:15

12. Jigs: Julia Cliffords/Johnny O'Leary's 4:45 
13. Hornpipes: The Wiley Old Man/Saults/John Joe Gannon's 4:54 
14. Slides/Paterick Kelly's/The Kaiser 3:25  
15. The Graf Spey/The Green Mountain/The Rising Sun (Live) 

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