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Touchstone - Jealousy


Touchstone - Jealousy

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\r\nTouchstone - Jealousy
\r\n\r\nCD GLI1050

\r\nTouchstone caused a sensation from the start due to the massive talent of its four members. All seasoned pros, they included the Bothy Band's Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, Claudine Langille, Zan McLeod, and Mark Roberts. The album weaves threads of American bluegrass and old-timey music into a predominant pattern of Irish traditional music, and is as innovative as its lineup is impressive.\r\n

JEALOUSY is a magnificent follow-up to this group's stunning debut. Skip Parente, on fiddle, joins Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, et al., making this band a quintet that tears through an incredible array of Irish, bluegrass, Breton, and old-timey selections with abandon.\r\n\r\n

1 The Mooncoin Jig/The High Reel/The Plover's Wing,\r\n
2 Cuach Mo Lonndubh Bu�/The Three Sea Captains,\r\n
3 The Last Chance, \r\n
4 The Lonely Wanderer,\r\n
5 The Primrose Lass/The Keel Row/Green Grow the Rushes O,\r\n
6 Gar�on � Marier/Orgies Nocturnes/Dans Fisel,\r\n
7 Jealousy (You Better Keep Your Distance),\r\n
8 The King's Favorite/The Cook in the Kitchen/Din Turrant's Polka,\r\n
9 Invisible Wings/Faoile�n,\r\n
10 The Green Gates/The Pinch of Snuff,\r\n
11 White Snow \r\n

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