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The Lark's Air - Dan Brouder


The Lark's Air - Dan Brouder

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Brouder, Dan
\r\nThe Lark's Air - Dan Brouder

A great recording and magnificent music in a pure traditional vein, this will be widely greeted and marked as one of the best debut albums in years.\r\n\r\n

Hailing from Monagea, West Limerick, Dan plays beautifully in this local style.\r\n
\r\n1) Jigs: Little Joey's - Finbar's Farewell to Limerick - The Blossom of Ballisisland\r\n
\r\n2) Slides: Round the House & Mind the Dresser - The Carrigkerry Slide - Con Cassidy's\r\n
\r\n3) Jigs: The Kettle Boiled Over - Patie Leary's Jig\r\n
\r\n4) Reels: Eddie Kelly's - The Sailor's Cravat - Miss Johnson\r\n
\r\n5) Hornpipes: Madam If You Please - The Boys of Bluehill - The Brigade\r\n
\r\n6) Air: Cailin Deas Cruite na mBo\r\n
\r\n7) Reels: Francis O'Connor's - Ted Furey's - Francis O'Connor's\r\n
\r\n8) Slides: The Cock of the North - Paddy Cronin's - Echoes of Killarney\r\n
\r\n9) Reels: Old Maids of Galway - A Letter From Home - Mickey Rattley's\r\n
\r\n10) Jigs: Flan's Jig - The Lark's Air - An Seanduine Seoirse\r\n
\r\n11) Flings: Maggie Pickin's - Turn Hill\r\n
\r\n12) Reels: Farewell to Cailroe - Finbar Dwyer's\r\n
\r\n13) Jigs: The Humours of Ballingarry - The Pilgrimage - The Streams of Killanspig\r\n
\r\n14) The Knocknaboul Polkas - The Girl I Left Behind - Finbar Dwyer's Polka\r\n
\r\nThe Larks Air

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