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Traditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion - Dan Gurney


Traditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion - Dan Gurney

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Gurney, Dan
\r\nTraditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion - Dan Gurney\r\n
\r\nwith Brian McGrath - Piano\r\n

24-year-old Dan Gurney, born in upstate New York to artist parents, first picked up an accordion by chance in a toy store. He learned Irish music from Galway-born concertina player Father Charlie Coen. Over the years he has also been heavily influenced by Billy McComiskey, Jimmy Noonan, John Whelan, Joe Derrane, and John Nolan, among many others. After graduating from Harvard University in 2009, he lived in Galway for a year playing with the likes of Dolores Keane, Johnny Ringo McDonagh, Mick Conneely, Ronan O'Flaherty, and Brian Mc Grath. He has appeared on Public Radio International, at the International Accordion Festival, and has won nine medals at various Fleadh Cheoil music competitions. \r\n\r\n

Traditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion is his debut album. \r\n
\r\n \r\n\r\n
\r\n1. The Brook / Ambrose Moloney's reels free download\r\n
\r\n2. Contentment Is Wealth / Tae in the Bog jigs\r\n
\r\n3. Fly by Night / The Eclipse hornpipes\r\n
\r\n4. Return to Burton Road / I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her jigs\r\n
\r\n5. Farewell to Ireland / The Beauty Spot / The Flowers of the Red Mill reels\r\n
\r\n6. The Ebb Tide / Courting Them All / The Hut in the Bog hornpipe and reels\r\n
\r\n7. The Princess Royal march\r\n
\r\n8. Greensleeves / The Banks of Newfoundland jigs\r\n
\r\n9. Molly Brannigan / The Humors of Loughrea / The Green Fields of America / The Mouse Behind the Dresser song-tune and reels\r\n
\r\n10. The Tynagh Jig / Dinny O'Brien's / The Twopenny Bit jigs\r\n
\r\n11. Sliabh Geal gCua slow air\r\n
\r\n12. Parnell's March march\r\n
\r\n13. Driving the Cows Home / The Bowlegged Tailor jigs\r\n
\r\n14. The Humors of Bandon / Sweet Molly Brown set dances\r\n
\r\n15. Master Crowley's / Finbarr Dwyer's / The Spike Island Lassies reels \r\n\r\n
\r\nTotal playing time: 59 minutes

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