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The Leipzig Sessions - Murray & Falkenau


The Leipzig Sessions - Murray & Falkenau

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Murray, Ivan & Anna Falkenau
\r\nThe Leipzig Sessions - Ivan J Murray & Anna Falkenau

\r\nThe Contemporary Folk / Roots Duo (based in Galway City in the west of Ireland) are celebrating the release of their debut album �The Leipzig Sessions�. Featuring Anna Falkenau (Fiddle, Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Ivan Joseph Murray (Guitar, Vocals and Lyrics) the album is a blend of subtle, rootsy yet powerful songs and tunes touching on Irish and American traditions. Recorded in the German city of Leipzig in 2010 it contains four original compositions by Ivan Murray (Wake up the Neighbours, Song for Little Man, Riposte and Western Plains) and two from Anna Falkenau (The Leipzig Jigs 1 & 2 and Ivan's Waltz) The remainder of the album is a mixture of Irish and American fiddle tunes and a cover of American songwriter, Joseph Arthur's �In the Sun�. All told, it makes for a highly enjoyable and rewarding listening experience challenging listeners to open up to a variety of tastes and styles. \r\n\r\n\r\n
\r\n1 Wake Up The Neighbours \r\n
\r\n 2 Polly put the Kettle on / Reel le Blanc / Ashe Road \r\n
\r\n 3 Riposte \r\n
\r\n 4 Song for Little Man \r\n
\r\n5 Leipzig Jigs \r\n
\r\n 6 Monroe's Farewell to Dark Hollow / 28th of January \r\n
\r\n 7 In the Sun \r\n
\r\n 8 Western Plains \r\n
\r\n 9 House on the Hill / The Leading Role \r\n
\r\n 10 Ivan's Waltz \r\n

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