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Tin Whistles - Paddy Moloney & Sean Potts


Tin Whistles - Paddy Moloney & Sean Potts

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Potts, Sean
\r\nTin Whistles - Paddy Moloney & Sean Potts
\r\n\r\n1. Did You Wash Your Fathers's Shirt /The Mountain Top
\r\n2. Jimmy Mo Mh�le St�r \r\n
\r\n3. The Connacht Heifers/Miko Russell's Reel \r\n
\r\n4. Port Na Bp�ca� (Fairy Tune) \r\n
\r\n5. The Piper's Chair/The Grander at the Pratie Hole \r\n
\r\n6. An Draighne�n Donn
\r\n7. Murphy's Reel the Heather Breeze \r\n
\r\n8. Sliabh Geal Gcua Na F�ile/Hornpipe/The Garden of Daisies \r\n
\r\n9. Julia Delaney \r\n
\r\n10. Seolaim Aaron Na G�anna Romhainn (Let Us Be Driving the Geese) \r\n
\r\n11. The Hag at the Spinning Wheel \r\n
\r\n12. Bean Dubh an Ghleanna (The Dark Woman of the Valley) \r\n
\r\n13. Pl�ar�ca an Ruarcaigh (O'Rourke Frolics) \r\n
\r\n14. The Boy Inthe Boat/The Pretty Girls of Mayo \r\n
\r\n15. Se�irse Brabston (George Brabazon) \r\n
\r\n16. The Ballyfin Slide/The Cock of the North \r\n\r\n

Although the instrumentation of two tin whistles and a bodhr�n sounds like the punch line to a joke, original Chieftains member Paddy Moloney and Sean Potts manage to make some sweet music on these simple musical tools. Generally, tin whistles are played in a band setting, and they can become shrill when players try to make them heard over the other instruments. But on Tin Whistles, a collection of traditional Irish tunes originally released in 1973 on the Claddagh label, Maloney and Potts produce a soft, mellow tone that perfectly suits the slow airs. And when Peadar Mercier joins them with his bodhr�n on the jigs and reels, the trio creates an irresistibly danceable sound. --Michael Simmons

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