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The Leitrim Cake - Joe Lacky Gallagher


The Leitrim Cake - Joe Lacky Gallagher

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Gallagher, Joe Lacky
Joe Lacky Gallagher - The Leitrim Cake

"Music Bright and Undiminished"

The music of Joe's life could be described as The Leitrim Cake: in it the salty-sweet taste of home, timeless, universal, crusted on the hearth of vanished fires; cure for deep hunger; a taste that lingers,the best of youth and consolation of age.

This CD of recordings of Joe Lacky Gallagher, The Leitrim Cake: Music Bright and Undiminished

Joe died on lst Feb 1979 -He played music on the previous weekend for 3 nights -Friday, Saturday and Sunday just a few days before he died.

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