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An Buachaill Dreoite - Seamus O Rochain


An Buachaill Dreoite - Seamus O Rochain

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0 Rochain,Seamus
\r\nAn Buachaill Dreoite - Seamus 0 Rochain

This is a fine set of recordings from Seamus 0 Rochain. They show his musical skills, in particular those practised and valued by uilleann pipers, and also his very good understanding of what traditional music is about; how to play it with feeling and respect and get the best out of it.\r\n

We know that Seamus' native county of Clare has a rich and diverse musical tradition and from times past we can find written accounts and folklore which tell of pipers and pipemakers playing and living there long ago. In more recent times, Miltown Malbay, where he grew up, was the home place of pipers Willie Clancy and Martin Talty.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Tracks: \r\n
1. Reels: Sean Reids / The Swallows Tail / The Morning Star\r\n
2. Jigs: Young Tom Ennis / Paidin � Raifeartaigh / The Girl in the big House\r\n
3. Air: The Factory Girls\r\n
4. Reels: The Maid in the Meadows / Repeal of the Union / Garrett Barry's\r\n
5. Set Dances: Mount Phoebes Hunt / An Suisin Ban\r\n
6. Jigs: The Wandering Minstrel / An Buachaillin Bu�\r\n
7. Slow Waltz / Slip Jig: The Trip we took over the Mountains / Kitty come down to Limerick\r\n
8. Reels: Bainis Caithlin Lawrie / The Concert Reel / The Yellow Tinker\r\n
9. Jigs: I buried my wife and danced on top of her / The Pipe on the Hob\r\n
10. Hornpipes: The Liverpool Hornpipe / Rick's Rambles\r\n
11. Reels: The Woman of the House / O'Callaghans\r\n
12. Jigs: The Kilimer Jig / The Old Geese in the Bog\r\n
13. Air: The Bright Lady\r\n
14. Reel / Fling: The Boy on the Hilltop / An Buachaili Dreoite\r\n

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