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The Limestone Rock - Micho Russell


The Limestone Rock - Micho Russell

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Russell, Micho
\r\nThe Limestone Rock - Micho Russell
\r\n[GTDHCD104]Released: 1st March 2010\r\n
Catalogue Number: TRADCD104\r\n

The Sisters Reels \r\n
The Limestone Rock / The Maid Who Left the County \r\n
Clare Jig / Kerry Slide \r\n
Katie Moloneys Polka / The Lisdoonvarna Polka \r\n
The Concertina Reel / Drowsy Maggie \r\n
The Fair Haired Child - An P�ist�n Fionn (Verses followed by Air) \r\n
Two Quadrilles: Untitled, The Cumann na mBan is Dead and Gone \r\n
Jig Selection \r\n
Dark Lochna Gar (Air) Patsy Campbell's Reel \r\n
Ar �irinn n� Neosfainn C� U� (Air and Song) \r\n
Jig: Tatter Jack Walsh (Introduced by words from Irish song) \r\n
The Bride's Favourite played as march and jig \r\n
Slip Jigs: Barney Brannigans - Beim�d Ag �l \r\n
Anach Cuain (Air) \r\n
Jigs: The Walls of Liscaroll / The Little Black Pig \r\n

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