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The Ravishing Genius of Bones - Brian Finnegan


The Ravishing Genius of Bones - Brian Finnegan

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Brian Finnegan, Brian
\r\nThe Ravishing Genius of Bones - Brian Finnegan
\r\n[BF001]CD 2010


Brian Finnegan's new solo CD is not so much a departure from his other gig�as the whistle and flute front man for the modern trad ensemble Flook�as a huge, breathtaking elaboration on many of the unique and daring themes he has explored with that band over the years.\r\n\r\n

On �The Ravishing Genius of Bones��an obscure reference to an accompanying poem about an old accordion player�Finnegan is joined by two of his Flook bandmates, bodhr�nist John Joe Kelly and Ed Boyd on guitars. You might be tempted to look upon this recording as just a variation on a theme�a kind of �Flook Not Flook.� That would be a mistake.\r\n\r\n

�The Ravishing Genius of Bones� is Finnegan's �Lawrence of Arabia,� a musical epic with a cast of thousands. Well, maybe not thousands�but well over 20 world-class musicians representing a variety of genres. In addition to Kelly and Boyd, members of Finnegan's other band KAN (Aidan O'Rourke on fiddle and guitarist Ian Stephenson) form part of the large, rotating cast of players, along with co-producer Leon Hunt on banjo and dobro (he's a former student of Bela Fleck), alternative bluegrass band Crooked Still and the St. Petersburg Strings.\r\n\r\n

Virtuoso mandolin player Rex Preston, part of The Scoville Units with Boyd and Hunt, sits in for a couple of numbers, and banjo player Damien O'Kane (he played on Flook's �Haven,� and John Joe Kelly accompanied him on his solo album 'spring Hill�) drops in as well. JEFF MEADE\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

1. Steps\r\n
2. Fly\r\n
3. Marga's\r\n
4. Belfast\r\n
5. Starrs\r\n
6. Joy\r\n
7. Frida\r\n
8. Only\r\n
9. Nightride\r\n

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