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Echoes of Sliabh Luachra - Billy Clifford


Echoes of Sliabh Luachra - Billy Clifford

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Clifford, Billy
\r\nEchoes Of Sliabh Luachra - Billy Clifford
\r\nCD 2010 WMC001\r\n

Billy pays tribute to his relations who have gone before him, who have passed on the great legacy of music to him. He is refering of course to his father and mother, John and Julia Clifford and his uncle Denis Murphy.\r\n\r\n

Here he plays 20 tracks with a clear and sweet tone in a skilful and distinctive manner on flute and a few on whistle. This is bound to give pleasure and value to those who hear it - listeners, learners and lovers of traditional Irish music. - Peter Browne\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Denis Murphy's No.3\r\n
The Gullane\r\n
The Blue Ribbon No.2\r\n
The Blue Ribbon No.1\r\n
Tom Billy's\r\n
Humours Of Killarney\r\n
Farewell To Erin\r\n
The Smokey Chimney\r\n
Rose Of Drishane\r\n
Johnnie The Tailors Fancy\r\n
Willie Reidy's\r\n
Denis Murphy's\r\n
O'Keefe's Pitchfork\r\n
Tom O'Connor's\r\n
Moll Morrissey's\r\n
Dinie Dennehy's\r\n
The Westwind\r\n
Peter Wyper's\r\n
The Wonder\r\n
Farewell To My Troubles\r\n
Humours Of Glin\r\n
Mrs. Edwards\r\n
David Power\r\n
Timmy Clifford's\r\n
John Clifford's\r\n
Mamma's Pet\r\n
Johnnie When You Die\r\n
Anything For John Joe\r\n
Dear Irish Boy\r\n
Padraig O'Keefe's\r\n
Jack Reidy's\r\n
Cronin's Rambles\r\n
Queen Of May\r\n
The Crooked Road\r\n
The Clare\r\n
Relics Of Old Decency\r\n
Stick The Minister\r\n
Follow Me Down To Carlow\r\n

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