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Hills & Hollows - Mary & Josie Nugent


Hills & Hollows - Mary & Josie Nugent

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Nugent, Mary & Josie
\r\nHills & Hollows - Mary & Josie Nugent
\r\nCD 2010 MJN001]\r\n

This recording brings sisters Mary and Josie Nugent together to play a collection of music stemming from their roots in Co. Clare - with Mary on flute and Josie playing fiddle and octave violin.

\r\n The duets from Mary and Josie show a great musical rapport. \r\n

The CD includes lively single and hop jigs by Mary, accompanied by the intuitive and distinctive bodhran playing of guest musician Johnny �Ringo� McDonagh. A long time musician friend of theirs Jackie Daly, the renowned box player from Sliabh Luachra, joins them on the hornpipe �The full of the bag� and on the final reel track. The sensitive guitar accompaniment of Mick Daly complements many of the tracks such as the opening slip jigs and the Swedish Waltz 'svenvals i Brekken�. The barn dance track on this CD is a lively interlude with Frank Walsh on fiddle, joining Mary and Josie with Mick Daly on 5-string banjo and banjola. \r\n
Hills and Hollows - Mary and Josie Nugent

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