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Ceis - Laoise Kelly


Ceis - Laoise Kelly

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Kelly, Laoise
Ceis - Laoise Kelly
CD 2010 HARP


1. Lon Dubh/Maidr�n Ruadh 4:09 \r\n
2. The Honourable Thomas Burke 2:19 \r\n
3. With her dog and her gun 3:24 \r\n
4. Joe Cassidy's/Frank Gilruth/Hull's Reel 3:50 \r\n
5. Toureendarby Polka/Nell Mahoney's Polka/Mike Buckley's Favourite 2:26 \r\n
6. Achill Air 3:21 \r\n
7. Beautiful Gortree 3:50 \r\n
8. All Alive/Malcolm's new fiddle/The Battering Ram 3:59 \r\n
9. Little John's hame/Spey in spate 3:41 \r\n
10. Is galar cr�idthe an gr�dh 3:30 \r\n
11. Sliabh na mBan 2:35 \r\n
12. Separation of Soul and Body 2:49 \r\n
13. Siobh�in�n Se� 6:19 \r\n\r\n

According to Laoise, "I came across the word Ceis in Eugene O'Curry's �Manners & Customs of the Ancient Irish, Vol. III� where he gave several different accounts of the word from historical settings. There is no definitive meaning. The word probably changed its meaning over centuries. It is a curious word and I take it as the magic or dra�ocht of the harp.\r\n \r\n\r\n

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