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Dan Isaacson's Simple System - Dan Isaacson


Dan Isaacson's Simple System - Dan Isaacson

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Dan Isaacson's Simple System
\r\nTraditional Irish Music for the Flute
\r\nWith & Without Company

Dan Isaacson; Flute, Bouzouki, Uilleann Pipes, and Whistle\r\n
Aaron Olwell;Concertina, Fiddle and Flute\r\n
Danny Noveck; Fiddle and Guitar\r\n
Kelly Smit;Sean-n's dance\r\n
Matthew Olwell; Bodhran, Feet and Cajon.\r\n\r\n

A refreshingly old-style recording, almost half solo flute, also featuring\r\nSean-n's ("old-style") percussive dance and an unusual combination of ten\r\ninstruments between the four musicians. Recorded "live" in two days\r\nwithout using headphones, separation or digital tampering, this is a\r\nmusical snap-shot of long-time friends playing and dancing for enjoyment\r\nin a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the music dates back to the 1600's and\r\nsome is recently composed, including a jig Tommy Peoples dedicated to Dan\r\nand Dave Cory and a waltz Billy McComiskey wrote for the first dance and\r\nDan and Kelly Smit's (slowly impending) wedding. The group was aiming to\r\nre-create the classic feel of the many fine recordings of the 1970's where\r\nthe playing is natural and the recording studio is a vehicle to the music\r\nrather than a detectable presence. Tommy Peoples and Billy McComiskey, two\r\nof the most influential musicians of that era, have this to say about the\r\nnew CD:\r\n\r\n

"I've enjoyed this recording for many reasons. I'm familiar with Dan and\r\nhis attitude to the music; the playing speaks of fun times, times past,\r\npresent times, many rhythms that rhyme, composers and tunes old and new,\r\nbeautiful melodies, connections, friendships, sharing and caring, old\r\nways, lasting ways, from the heart to the heart, and all mentioned, passed\r\non or living, present, with love and a smile.\r\nThanks Dan, Kelly, Danny, Aaron, and Matthew."\r\n
-Tommy Peoples\r\n

\r\n\r\n"" Is that some Irish guy?" my wife Annie asked me. She'd just come in and\r\nheard a speck of this new CD.\r\n" No, it's Dan" I said.\r\n" Oh. That makes sense" she responded.\r\nDan Isaacson has the gimp in his music, as an Irishman once put it. The\r\ngimp is that studied, respectful mastery of the art form we call Irish\r\nTraditional Music. And it is a rare and a beautiful thing.\r\nCongratulations to you Dan.
\r\nYour Friend,
\r\nBilly McComiskey"\r\n\r\n

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