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The Press Gang - Stevens, Robinson & Marshall


The Press Gang - Stevens, Robinson & Marshall

$ 15.00
Stevens, Christian "Junior"
\r\nThe Press Gang - Alden Robinson, Christian "Junior" Stevens and Owen Marshall
Alden Robinson: Fiddle\r\n
Christian Stevens: Accordion & Concertina\r\n
Owen Marshall: Guitar, Bouzouki & Harmonium\r\n

A bold new sound has emerged in New England's traditional music scene: The Press Gang fuses the talents of squeezebox player Christian "Junior" Stevens, fiddler Alden Robinson, and guitarist Owen Marshall into a high-octane musical partnership. A debut CD, released in the spring of 2010, gives a generous helping of Irish tunes spiced with Appalachian music and original compositions. \r\n


1. Mayor Harrison's Fedora/John Stenson's 4:21 \r\n
2. Crossing the Shannon 3:33 \r\n
3. Lucy Farr's Barndance 3:02 \r\n
4. Lady on the Island/The Old Maid of Galway 3:06 \r\n
5. Whelan's/Princess Nancy 3:20 \r\n
6. Colman's March 3:08 \r\n
7. The Green Mountain/The Musical Priest/The Derry Reel 3:46 \r\n
8. Naomi's 4:52 MP3 \r\n
9. Mairtin O'Connor's/Hayden's Fancy 3:05 \r\n
10. Thady Casey's/The Ravelled Hank of Yarn/Ormond Sound/Ducks on a Mill Pond 4:01 \r\n
11. Lucy Farr's 2:16 \r\n
12. Maids of Selma 5:04 \r\n

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