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Moving Cloud - Moving Cloud


Moving Cloud - Moving Cloud

$ 15.00
Moving Cloud
\r\n\r\n(GLCD 1150)

One of the most accomplished and dynamic traditional bands in Ireland today, Moving Cloud specialize in high-powered, flawlessly played dance music--jigs, reels, horn- pipes, barn dances, clogs, polkas and flings--yet also bring an uncommon subtlety and sensitivity to both a waltz and a haunting slow air. Each member of the Ennis, County Clare-based quintet is an acknowledged virtuoso on their respective instrument: Paul Brock on button accordion, Maeve Donnelly and Manus McGuire (formerly of Buttons & Bows) on fiddles, Kevin Crawford on flute, tin whistle and bodhran, and Carl Hession on keyboards. "Brilliant from first to last track," summed up Irish Echo music writer, Earle Hitchner. (GLCD1150)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Artists: Paul Brock, Maeve Donnelly, Manus McGuire, Kevin Crawford, Carl Hession, Adele O'Dwyer, Trevor Hutchinson, Garry O'Briain\r\n


1. The Dances at Kinvara, Peach Blossoms [Barndances] 3:30 $0.99 \r\n
2. The Avonmore, More Luck to Us, The Coachman's Whip (Reels) 3:38 $0.99 \r\n
3. The Old Woman's Purse of Money, The Maids of the Green (Jigs) 2:13 $0.99 \r\n
4. Virginia Waltz 2:49 $0.99 \r\n
5. Colonel McBain, Grogan's Favourite, The Sailor on the Rock (Reels) 3:19 $0.99 \r\n
6. Seanbhean Bhocht/Sweeney's (Hornpipes) 2:53 $0.99 \r\n
7. Chinese Polka, William Durette's Clog, The Boys of the Lough (Reel) 4:07 $0.99 \r\n
8. The Tongs of the Fire, Buttermilk Mary, Joy of My Life (Jigs) 3:12 $0.99 \r\n
9. Tommy's E-Flat Clog 2:11 $0.99 \r\n
10. The Bluebell Polka 2:59 $0.99 \r\n
11. Cill Chais (Song Air) 3:42 $0.99 \r\n
12. London's Braes Are Bonnie (Fling), Pat Ward's (Fling), The Mountain Top (Reel) 3:31 $0.99 \r\n
13. Do You Want Any More?, The Visit to Ireland (Jigs) 2:13 $0.99 \r\n
14. George White's Favourite, Touch Me If You Dare, The Green Mountain, Kiss Your Partner, The Linen Cap (Reels) 5:06 $0.99 \r\n \r\n

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