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The Green Album - Christie Hennessy


The Green Album - Christie Hennessy

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Hennessy, Christie
\r\nThe Green Album - Christie Hennessy

This is where it all began in 1972. Recorded on a small farm in Wales entitled 'CHRISTIE HENNESSY', it is also known as the legendary 'GREEN ALBUM'. \r\n\r\n

'His first album I still cherish. I think it's one of the greatest albums I've ever encountered in my life, it was totally unique - the songs on it were just heartwarming' - Christy Moore\r\n\r\n

Now for the first time, fans and followers of the late, great song writer can hear this album which includes a selection of Irish traditional songs, such as 'The Galway Shawl' and 'Far Away in Australia', together with his own compositions, among them 'High in the Trees', the first of many love songs that Hennessy wrote and 'The All-Ireland', a comical rendition of local men in Tralee attending a football match at Croke Park. Unique of its kind and a 'one off' of its day, the album also includes the earliest recording of 'Messenger Boy' and 'Don't Get Yourself a Shovel'.\r\n\r\n\r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n

1. Stagolee \r\n
2. High In The Trees \r\n
3. Young Sailor \r\n
4. Far Away In Australia \r\n
5. Don't Get Yourself A Shovel \r\n
6. Toomey's Yarn \r\n
7. When I Go To Bed At Night \r\n
8. Sing A Rag \r\n
9. The All-Ireland \r\n
10. Mr. Sunshine's On My Side \r\n
11. The Galway Shawl \r\n
12. Messenger Boy \r\n
13. When I'm Walking Out With My Girl\r\n
14. Will Murphy And Patsy McCann\r\n

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