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A Wind Of Change - Brendan O'Regan


A Wind Of Change - Brendan O'Regan

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O'Regan, Brendan
\r\nA Wind Of Change - Brendan O'Regan
\r\nLUNCD 3056

Well-known for his formidable abilities on the bouzouki, mandolin and guitar, Brendan O' Regan has a sterling reputation as a composer/musician in Ireland and has been a member of such influential groups as De Dannan and the Dolores Keane Band. He has recorded and worked with almost every well known Irish musician, including Martin O' Connor, Sharon Shannon, Mary Black, Matt Molloy, Vinnie Kilduff, Gerry O'Connor and also with John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, The Waterboys and more. Originally released in 1992 on Mulligan Records, A WIND OF CHANGE was the solo debut from Brendan and is now regarded as a standard in Irish music. A WIND OF CHANGE shows off his multi-instrumental talents, with an emphasis on the bouzouki and features guest musicians M�ire Breathnach (violin, viola), Gerard Coffey (guitar), Alec Finn (bouzouki), Tommy Hayes (bodhr�n, percusion), Jimmy Higgins (bodhr�n), Tommy Keane (uilleann pipes), Vinnie Kilduff (whistles), Mick Kinsella (harmonica), Brendan Larrissey (fiddle), Johnny McDonagh (bodhr�n, triangle), Arty McGlynn (guitar), Gerry O'Connor (banjo), Martin O'Connor (accordion), Peter O'Hanlon (guitar, bass), Se�n Smyth (fiddle), Ciaran Tourish (fiddle), and Bill Whelan (double bass).\r\n

1. A Change in the Weather / Larrissey's Favourite (Jigs)\r\n
2. Castle Ceili Sets (Reels) \r\n
3. Munster Slides \r\n
4. Hector the Hero \r\n
5. Galician Jig / Keith's Jig \r\n
6. Transworld Polkas (Jimmy Welshe's / Sparrow / Continental) \r\n
7. Eel in the Sink / Convenience (Reels) \r\n
8. Oval Mountain / Road Home \r\n
9. Autumn Child \r\n
10. A Wind of Change (Yanka's Dream)\r\n
11. Bird in the Bush / Ivy Leaf (Reels) \r\n
12. Cross Street and High (for Bob Wills)

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