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A Greener Prairie - Skip Gorman


A Greener Prairie - Skip Gorman

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Gorman, Skip
\r\nA Greener Prairie - Skip Gorman
\r\nRounder CD 0329 1994
\r\nSkip Gorman (vocals, guitar, fiddles, mandolin, mandolin banjo) with Mary Burdette (acoustic bass), Jeff Davis (banjo, spoons), Gordon Peery (piano) , Stacy Phillips (dobro), Molly Stouten (harmony vocals), David Surette (bouzouki), and Ken Sweeney (harmonica). \r\n\r\n

The songs of the American cowboy and the old West are more than the sounds of Hollywood's Western films for folk singer Skip Gorman. Dressed in a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, spurs and chaps, Gorman sings of campfires, cattle drives, the loneliness of the prairies, and the personalities of the old West.\r\n

One of the early members of The Deseret String Band, Skip Gorman is an acoumplished player of mandolin, fiddle and guitar. Jimmie Rodgers' songs and music were an early influence, as were old 78 rpm. recordings of cowboy singers like Carl Sprague and Powder River Jack Lee. The collection of music and song to be heard here is from the American great west and, is of cowboys and their times. Played at a measured pace on a sweet fiddle and sang with an authentic drawl and a smooth yodel. \r\n\r\n\r\n

(note from Mary Lou & Charlie :"In addition, Skip is one of the best Irish Traditional fiddlers and mandolin players we have ever heard...ever!")\r\n

1. Blue Mountain 3:56 \r\n
2. Buffalo Hump 4:03 \r\n
3. Here's To Texas Rangers 3:21 \r\n
4. Orvetta/Old Madera Waltzes 4:38 \r\n
5. Where The Old Red River Flows 3:30 \r\n
6. Platte River Pastoral/Bonaparte's Retreat 2:47 \r\n
7. Yellow Rose Of Texas 2:50 \r\n
8. Emigrant's Lament For Oregon 7:45 \r\n
9. Old Paint's A Pony 4:13 \r\n
10. Night Herding Song 3:58 \r\n
11. Fine Times At Our House 1:42 \r\n
12. The Wandering Cowboy 3:12 \r\n
13. Rake And Rambling Boy 3:07 \r\n
14. The Last Longhorn 4:44 \r\n
15. When The Work's All Done This Fall 3:57 \r\n
16. Cattle Call 3:25 \r\n
17. Daily Welters Waltz/The Clayhole Waltz 4:06 \r\n

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