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The Purple Heather  - Vincent Campbell


The Purple Heather - Vincent Campbell

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Campbell, Vincent
The Purple Heather - Vincent Campbell - 2CD

The  album The Purple Heather consists of 2 CD's of Vincent's music and stories with a total playing time of just over 2 hours. The 2 CD's feature Vincent's playing over a period of almost 50 years, the recordings on the album cover the years 1962 to 2009. A wide variety of tune types and some of Vincent's stories about the tunes ( in Irish and English ) are featured.

Vincent plays in the style of most of the players of older generations, playing mostly single tunes, instead of medleys, as a result of this there are a lot of tracks on this album, a total of 86 tracks, 43 on each of the two CD's. This is another must have for Donegal fiddle music lovers both at home and abroad.

This new album is an important addition to the collection of Donegal fiddle music easily available to the listening public, some of Vincent's music is available on the compilation CD's The Brass Fiddle (Claddagh Records) and on The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 2 (Cairdeas na bhFidil). Despite Vincent's long established reputation as a key figure in Donegal fiddle playing, very little of his playing has been available in the recorded medium, however this album of Vincent's music and stories now addresses that.

As usual with the Cairdeas na bhFidil CD's a booklet with good biographical information and notes on the music ( 36 pages ) is part of the package.

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